Sunday, 25 October 2015

Maiden Rose edición de Verano 2015

He encontrado otra traductora que toma comisiones en Tumblr y ella hace escanlaciones también, aunque yo le he pedido solo traducción textual para hacer ambas ediciones yo misma.
Gracias Undercover-witch, ahora podré traer mas trabajos.
English scanlation at end of posting.




  1. Esa es una grata noticia, ahora podremos leer muchos más trabajos que nos compartas >///<
    También quiero agradecer por este nuevo aporte y por tu trabajo xD

  2. Gracias, son tan lindos en chibis <3

  3. Saludos y muchas gracias x el doujin tan lindo.
    Besos ^.^

  4. muchas gracias! Es lindo leer estooo!

  5. Thanks for your scan and translation!
    But I have a question,this seems incompletable.
    It's missing pages ?

    1. it sure is, because some of the material has been already scanlated by Babyrubysoho, I think?
      I myself have done it too in Spanish.
      If you check the Maiden Rose special edition that came out to celebrate Aqua's 7th year Anniversary(defunct magazine) you'll find it.
      Taki and Klaus are at a party and Klaus wears a tuxedo...

    2. well,I have found the English version of Maiden Rose edición de Verano 2015 just the other day.
      It was incompletable,too.
      I have never read the Maiden Rose special edition that came out to celebrate Aqua's 7th year Anniversary.beacause I don't know there were new content about Maiden Rose. π__π

    3. The english version of the summer edition is here too, if you check after the Spanish counterpart. Actually I did scanlate the chibi that is contained in both summer edition and 7th anniversary myself(I thought is being done before).
      Did you find it here:
      That little dj had some other artists material so I only took Inariya's section to work on.
      Hope that helps

    4. Oh,it's this!Now I come to think of it and I had read it a few years ago~
      This english version of the summer edition here I have downloaded,too.
      Here downlaod from mediafire also 9 pages,but Inariya said it have 16 pages...(website:
      If finally I can't find the whole, I have no choice but to let it go at that.
      Thank you for your work:)