Sunday, 15 November 2015

Code: Leviathan extra 2

Hi, this extra should form part of the second volume, if the publisher offers it as a tanko(book)that is. A short and funny extra, only 6 pages long but it does show Inariya's comedic talents.
I did not see an advance of the next chapter so it could mean another 4 months waiting, sorry ;).
I'll be organising this and other series I work on both languages as soon as I can but is probably easier to select the tag Code: Leviathan(Leviatan) to see previous chapters. My thanks go to undercover-witch( for taking on this commission ;).
Hola, este extra formaría parte del segundo volúmen, si la casa de publicación lo presenta como tanko.
Un corto extra y divertido, solo 6 páginas pero muestra el talento como comediante de Inariya.
Lectores en español busquen como de costumbre bajo favoritas para bajar el capítulo.
Agradezco a undercover-witch por tomar esta comisión.

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