Friday, 13 November 2015

English readers welcome!

A little introduction if you're not aware of who I am. I was introduced to Yaoi via anime and specifically Junjou Romantica and ever since I'm an impatient person I thought that rather than waiting for some kind soul to work on an artist/series I like, I'd learn to edit my own scans ,so I'm always trying to look at ways to speed up the process of scanlating, thus reducing the waiting to see the finished product. Yeah, I though at first to keep the works for my own viewing pleasure so not to affect any of the artists I so much admire, but I was on the receiving end before so I know just how much every fan longs to come across any works by those artist as well.
I do not offer Japanese scans, so I can lessen any possible impact on the artist's revenue in  Japan.
I'll be offering from now on my scanlations in both languages, unless I'm working with another group that intends to do their English version.
Currently I do not count with the assistance of a proof reader so forgive any possible grammar/typos errors from my part, since  I'm not proficient in either language haha.

if you've downloaded  previous file copy/paste to replace this image above or after seeing this message, file should have been updated


  1. Thank you very much! I agree with Erwin, the uniforms and the strategically placed belts are quite enticing *v*

  2. thank you so much!i am so grateful people like you exist.levi in cleaning uniform is super cute and sexy so i can't blame erwin.

  3. Thank you very much ! i like your ErwinLevi ;))

  4. Thank you so much for your hard work!