Thursday, 7 January 2016

AoT, Dilemma (Dilema) Munesumi K. Okamoto

A first attempt at a translation by me, sorry for that, but luckily Yusenki was so helpful correcting my errors and making some suggestions as well. My thanks to her! A little prelude to another doujin that is not yet out for sale, so we'll have a private Birthday party at Erwin's in the next one.
Este es mi primer intento de traducción y la verdad me alegra que Yusenki me corrigiera unos errores
de traducción e hiciera sugerencias para su traducción al Inglés. Muchas gracias por asistirme .
La historia tendrá una continuación y al parecer estará conectada a la celebración privada para el profesor Erwin en su casa. El doujin es un proyecto a continuar pero no hay información de cuando saldrá a la venta aún.

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  1. Gracias por el doujin... no sé si leerlo o esperarme a la continuación jajaja dilema, dilema xD

  2. >////< Levi se ve exquisitamente adorable¡¡¡¡¡ Okamoto-sensei es cruel en dividir la historia :( , pero ansiosa esperare como la continua, espero ver a levi cocinando ;3 Muchas gracias por esforzarte tanto >u< Saludos¡¡

  3. thank you so much for sharing!may i ask how did you learn japanese?i am interested in learning too :)

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    2. Me? I'd love to have the time to learn it but instead I'm trialling a few cheating methods, with poor results,methods such as OCR+checking a few translator services and kanji by radicals, the problem is that some characters are similar and a wrong selection could return an incorrect translation.Like I said if it wasn't for the great assistance of Yusenki I could not have done it.
      I'd love to have the knowledge my sister has(though she does not count with any spare time for me ;)so I could make a better choice when using those methods.
      Well at least I'm having fun in the process haha.
      For now I'll just stick to attempt easy simple stories, just for the fun of it but I'd never scanlate it without having it check by an experienced translator ;) that's a promise

    3. as long as you have fun i think that's okay to cheat so good luck xD.Yusenki is great too i follow them from tumblr :)

  4. Muchísimas gracias x este nuevo doujin de una parejita que nunca me canso ^-^

  5. Thank you sooo much!!! You are truly amazing!!