Friday, 29 January 2016

Jojo's, 悦楽の法則 Laws of pleasure by TOMATOTYPHOON

Time for something altogether different and I do not recommend it to delicate readers.If you cannot deal with gore I ask you to refrain from reading it.
There's a printing error of a latin term; the book shows it as "Colps" so I change it to Colpa but still does not agreed fully with the intended translation going by the Japanese term used.
Maybe the artist simply like using words that started with C?.
Now even though the artist mentions the released of it's second part, there's no indication that it did happen as planned, actually, I find out some more information about it and there's been a change of  the intended sequence title and also it seems that it was planned as a trilogy(Corps, Colpa,Cornus) that could be merge into 2 doujins? there's going to be an update on the release soon so I'll be checking the artist space regularly.
Spanish scanlation in progress at the moment.

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