Saturday, 6 February 2016

AaT, "Cartas y Mensajes" extraído de una Antología bajo el mismo título

Este fín de semana les doy cuatro de las varias historias contenidas en este libro por artistas de mi gusto: Pechiko, Senken Toshi, Sumi y Hitomi.
Esta corta de Hitomi es un extra de "Flores" y fue hecha por el mismo tiempo para el Comiket de Octubre 2015.
En  noticias les hago saber que Inariya ha mencionado que el capítulo 27 es el climax de esta historia,
por lo que empezaremos a ver su descenlace pronto.
Aun sigo con esperanzas de escuchar de traductores de Japones a Inglés o Japones a Español que quieran colaborarme con series como AoT, Jojo's bizarre adventures,Berserk y Tiger&Bunny.

I have scanlated 4 short stories from artists I like: Pechiko, Senken Toshi, Sumi and Hitomi.The last story seems to be a section of the previously scanlated "Flower" and was published during the October Comiket(Oops) same date this Anthology was released.
Now in news Inariya has mentioned that the last chapter of Hari no Hana is the climax of the story so I've commission it already as a priority work as usual ;).
I'm still hopeful to get translators interested to work on series such as Berserk, Jojo's bizarre adventures, AoT, T&B for the love of the series so if you know of someone that would not mind giving me a hand at translation please help me to get in touch with them.

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  1. thank you so much if these artist are our eruri gods you are definitelly our eruri angel who delivers gifts from gods.

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  3. Thank you so much! Can't wait to read these. Maybe you can ask scanlation groups who do eruri doujin (like blissful-sin) if their translators are interested or if they know any other translators who might be? They might be able to point you in the right direction. Or you can include a request page in the zip files calling for interested translators? Good luck!

    1. thank you for the advice, but once I've contacted the above Scanlation group asking them to sell me a script for an AoT to be done only in Spanish and there was no reply so I won't do it again.
      Now that second option is not a bad idea; I've never thought of doing it since I don't consider myself a group, just an individual connecting to other individual or groups to get things done.
      thank you!

    2. No, thank YOU for sharing so much! One more thing, you can make a translator request post on tumblr too, if you have not already?

  4. Muchas gracias x su trabajo ^-^

  5. thank you soooooo much!! i cant live w/o hitomi!!

  6. Me encantan estas antologias >ww< Muchas gracias :D

  7. Muchas gracias por las antologías!! ^o^

  8. Muchas gracias por las antologías!! ^o^