Saturday, 26 March 2016

Heartache 1, Berserk doujin

Happy Easter, everyone; maybe the subject is not appropriate for this season but here you have an Omegaverse story, which currently has a 3 part and if my memory serves well, it could have a
Hope you like it and please do comment.
Currently having a sort of a break so you may have noticed less activity in my scanlations.
I'm waiting on several scripts so I can start the scanlation of a few T&B, Jojo's and AoT doujinshis.
Recently, I forgot to let you know that Inariya delayed the doujin "Luckenwalde 3" that was supposed
to be available for the JGarden event, but in its place a doujin titled "Maiden Rose 2" was released(already purchased) as well as another T&B called "VIN MAN" and Luckenwalde 3, could be ready either for the SSC25 or the Comitia 116( First week in May), she's preparing another MGH4 doujin to be ready around the same time.
She asked Ihr Hertz publisher to modify her schedule for Hari no Hana and the chapter is not going to be available in this next issue (31/03), unfortunately, I've ordered my issue before her announcement.
The next chapter(HNH) is now due for the end of May. Code: Leviathan remains unchanged(4 chapters pending this year) and the other modification is for Phantom of  Dragon, which it will have 6 more chapters this year(6 chapters available) since the first 4 chapters were contained in two consecutive magazines.
There's also some more AoT coming my way from the last doujin Comiket and I already have a priority since it looks to be a super dramatic story by Chiruchiru.( see images).False alert, I've just received the dj and the photo cover showing a near death Levi does not belong in this story, so could it be the cover of a next project?; so relax if you were fearing the worst.

download Heartache 1: edited version


  1. I hope that soon turn up the doujinshi berserk in Spanish . If consists of 3 parts . I love this author and I love you for trernolos more . Thank you
    Mo am very good with Inglés I'm starting from 0

    No soy muy buena en english apenas comienzo lamento si tengo errores. Gracias esperare el doujinshi de berserk en español

  2. Thank you for your hard work! I love Killer Bambi's doujinshis ^_^ Do you happen to have the other two parts? I haven't been able to find them anywhere and I'd really love to read them too..!

    1. Yes, I do, but I have not scanned them yet, since there's other works pending before.
      Now I don't offer RAWS, unless the person I give them is the translator, but If you know of any volunteer that can help with the script I could prioritise them ;)

  3. the dl link is broken.
    Do you mind uploading? thank you!