Monday, 18 April 2016

MR 2(doujin) by Inariya Fusanosuke

I got other projects going and currently I'm engaging several translators that have certain preferences, so I'd be exploiting this opportunity to get as many scripts as possible. Apologies if the series offered are not what you'd prefer to see.
Inariya latest doujin and if you remember this connects to some chibi stories as well; Klaus invites Taki to try some of his cooking at the Inn Klaus always visits.

Nuevas esta es la mas reciente historia de Inariya y conecta con varios chibis hechos antes en los que se menciona que Klaus invita a Taki a la taverna donde Klaus preparará una comida que Taki pueda probar, Ya que este a estado sufriendo con la comida ofrecida en la Institución Militar de Luckenwalde, dónde ambos estudian Tácticas Militares.
Tengo la suerte de haber encontrado varios traducciones que trabajan por comisión y estoy ocupada proveyendoles escanes para poder tener mas trabajos que traerles en el futuro.
Algunos prefieren trabajar ciertas series por lo que pido disculpas si no es la que preferirías ver antes.



  1. Muchas gracias x traernos mas de esta historia, me encanta este manga ^-^

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    1. Yeah, but I've forgotten his name, but Klaus mentioned he only inherited a little cottage as the eldest son is the one who gets most of it.

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    1. as above, So Klaus is the only one who takes after her mother, the wild Rose and the other two (brother and sister Klaudia) look alike in character as well, it seems.

  4. Didn't see her new chapter for a long time, thanks for the English version!

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    2. Well, it really shows her determination to update the series in a more serious manner (no chibi esque)in preparation to the official continuation which would start right from the last chapter published in Aqua Comics. She seems to think that it could continue before the end of next Year so in the meantime we should be getting these doujinshis on Luckenwalde and back to Taki's country(not sure how she would re name it?)which would cover all the chapters from Vol 3&4(currently each doujin has had 2 chapters each).
      Hope this does not sound to confusing?
      Any more advances I'll make sure to update here as well.

  5. Thank you so much! ^^

  6. Disculpa, el link ya no sirve. Puedes arreglarlo?