Saturday, 29 October 2016

Jojo's (S. C)恋人の埋性を 崩したい "I want to drive my lover crazy""Quiero volver loco a mi amante"

Otro corto Jojo del 3r arco y mi segundo por esta artista. Espero les guste y comenten también. He reducido considerablemente la cantidad de SFXs(¡Lo siento!) para aclarar las imágenes y removí las barras de censura.
Another Jojo from the 3rd arc and my second by this artist. Hope you like it and comment as well. I have reduced heavily the SFXs to clear the images as best as possible(sorry!)and also removed the censor bars as well.



  1. Looks hot XD Thank you so much!!!

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaah! Estou tãao viciada nesse casal! Meu notebook está cheio de doujins e fanarts deles. hehe ♥
    Agradeço seu árduo trabalho! :3

  3. the links are dead. can you please re-upload. thank you so much.