Wednesday, 19 October 2016

M.R. doujinshi, Thorn Crown 2

Initially, Inariya intended to finish M.R volume 4 for the end of the Year Comiket, but it seems that is not happening so in its place we'll have the third part of this story and another T&B titled "Ordinary days" and possibly another Monster Hunter doujinshi.
The MR volume is now expected for the J Garden Comiket in March, as well as another T&B or Monster Hunter.
Inicialmente, Inariya quería darnos el Volumen 4 de Maiden Rose para el Comiket a fines de este año, pero no pasará a esta altura, así que en su lugar tendremos la tercera parte de esta historia, ademas de otro dj de Monster Hunter y T&B titlulado "Ordinary Days".
El V4 se espera ahora para el JGarden en Marzo, ademas de otro T&B y MH,esperemos.




  1. I dont understand takis thoughts...i didnt know what to do with these hands of mine? I dont have anything to bet?

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    2. Maybe he regrets to have accepted Klaus at that very point. None of this would have taken place if he hadn't agreed back then.
      Or is it because he sense the hostility from others to him and now he has lost his commanding position because of his actions(trail derailment).

  2. Thank you so much! Now I'm really looking forward to part 3.
    However, I feel torn for these two.
    Klaus is actually what Taki only have personally, but he couldn't help but send his cherish one to the field.
    NOOOOO! Sensei!!!!

  3. Muchas muchas gracias por la traducción <3 <3

  4. Muchas muchas gracias por la traducción <3 <3

  5. Dios mio! muchas gracias por tu arduo trabajo
    como siempre, eres la mejor

  6. Muy buena, ya ansió x la tercera parte.
    Muchas gracias x el trabajo ^-^

  7. Did Klaus wake up because Suguri gave him amphetamines at the end of thorn crown 1?

  8. not sure about it, but I'm still wondering why Suguri insisted Taki has to come to see him.
    Did he thinks Klaus chances of recovering are small? maybe.
    I do not thinks Klaus is conscious of his actions though.

  9. Yes i dont think that either but he was unconscious cause of morphine shot and suddenly he got up and he is pretty strong too.he doesnt know what he is doing is obvious as he promised taki not to touch him anymore. And we see that later on the curtain scene is obvious he has no memory of it...but still suguri surely gave him sth to wake up