Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Code: Leviathan c16

Hola, este breve capítulo establece la conección con el corto trabajo publicado largo tiempo atras "Close your eyes" pero al parecer antecede a esa breve historia.
Inariya nuevamente ha aplazado la salida del cuarto doujin de Corona de Espinas y creo que esperaré hasta que se publique la venta, para evitar errores.
A super brief chapter but one that establishes a clear connection to a short work(published long ago) which becomes a sequel to this series. I do know there would be another chapter in two months time. Let's hope it's not so brief. In news, once again Thorn Crown has been postponed once more, so as some new MH. We have the tanko of T&B which was scanlated by Harudaki so I may only do the Spanish work unless I get their permission.
Thanks, Undercover-witch for taking this commission.