Saturday, 5 August 2017

YOI, Hyousou Passion Banquet- Yoshi (OJMOMO)

This short extra is also available from the artist's pixiv address, minus the last 3
 pages and she also said she plans to add more to the story sometime in the future.
I thank Undercover-witch for doing the text trans in under 1 hour today so I could rush the edition for you as well.
The title is open to 2 other translations(due to use of Russian and Japanese words)"Ice sounding passion banquet" or "Ocean Banquet passion" depending on the splitting of the terms.
 La traducción del título resulto confusa por mezclar ruso, inglés y Japonés, lo que me dió dos otras posibles traducciones aparte de la elegida por la traductora, ver mensaje en última página.